How to Take a Quick Shower in Less Than 6 Minutes


The Most Effective Way to Take a Quick, Efficient 6-Minute Shower Without Losing Anything!


No matter which day of the week it is, you must agree that the morning shower is the number one routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day. When starting off a day with showering, there are a lot of things that can go right or wrong with it. You wake up all early only to end up taking too long of a shower that not only can notch up your electricity bill but also disrupt your entire morning routine. If you know how to take a quick shower efficiently, you’re already on the way to being productive and fresh throughout the day.

In fact, how many of us have found ourselves losing a good 30 minutes in a hot soothing shower only to stress and start a speed run to work later? Not to mention that it negates the whole point of relaxation. 

Want to perish this habit of yours? There are lots of tips and hacks you can try to get the most of your shower in the shortest span of time. Once you understand how to spend less time in shower, trust me, you’ll never find yourself skipping breakfast to rush to college or work ever again.

Moreover, it isn’t helped by the fact that long and high-temperature showers aren’t exactly great for you, stripping your skin of natural oils and causing dryness. Top dermatologists recommend on short showers, which apart from conserving water and saving time, also nurture your skin and make your mornings relaxed.

In spite of all that, if you still are unable to make a switch to taking short showers, fret not, as we explain all the best ways to streamline your shower routine. With a bit of discipline and foresight, you would be hopping in and out of your shower in minutes’ time, or 6 minutes to be precise!

How to Take a Fast Shower in Under 6 Minutes

1. Get your Supplies and Accessories Ready Before Showering

Gathering all your utilities and other accessories that you require after the shower can help in saving time in the long run. Toothbrush, shaving blade, shampoo, loofah, etc., can all be lined up neatly within your reach allowing you to quickly dress up and get to work or retire for the night. A great way of doing that is to invest in a shower caddy which can hold several bottles, soap, jar, razors, and more. However, make sure that you get a rust-proof and easy to install bath caddy with the least maintenance.

ShowerGem shower caddy

The ShowerGem Shower Caddy is a great addition to your bathroom

ShowerGem bath caddy

Have all your shower accessories neatly organized and handy when you need it!

2. Brushing and Shaving in Bathing Time


While brushing and shaving in the shower may sound enticing and easy, it often prolongs your shower time. Though it is advisable to shave during the shower, you can allocate your brushing routine before showering. This can coincide with the fact that in some homes, there is sufficient time before the water heats up. You can use that time to finish off other tasks such as moving your worn clothes to the laundry or brushing your teeth. Once the shower is set to its apt temperature, you can gargle in the shower while also washing your brush, saving both time and water.

Man brushing in shower
Man shaving in shower

3. Take the Water Temperature a Notch Down

Normally, when we think about showers, our immediate thought rushes to long, hot, and soothing waters drizzling down one’s body, wanting you to wallow in it for a bit longer. However, if the water is cold or lukewarm, you are less enticed to spend the extra minutes and instead would be speeding through it.

Though not appealing, cold showers are beneficial beyond the aspect of time-saving. They can augment blood circulation, ease stress, and even stimulate weight loss, while also making you alert and refreshed. In fact, this is the best method preferred by those who are looking at how to take a quick shower for guys.

So next time, jump into the shower immediately after turning it on and don’t bother with the heat. But, yes, to compensate, try a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee first and a refreshing and delay-free day awaits you.

4. Time your Shower with Clock or a Playlist

Woman singing in shower

Setting a time for your shower can aid in quickening your showering routine as most of the times, we are hardly aware of how much time has passed since we started. An alarm or timer can come in handy showing us the number of minutes gone by, and inadvertently pushing us to get out of the shower.

In other words, racing against the clock can efficiently cut down the shower time while also preventing losing track of time.

With the added pressure of the ticking clock, you would find different ways on how to take a fast shower; and before you know it, you would have cultivated a habit of quick showering.

However, alarms, though extremely functional, could also be very boring. For a fun twist, a playlist set with your favourite songs and length can perk up your routine. Knowing the length of the songs, you can easily guess the duration of your shower and time it accordingly. Also, a little music to accompany your shower never hurts.

But be careful to not get your phone or speakers wet, and also don’t get too caught up in your music playlist hitting repeated plays. Otherwise, before you know it, you may be in the shower for a long time undermining the whole exercise.

5. Incorporate the Navy Shower Technique


The Navy Shower is a quick showering routine that can end up saving a lot of time and resources. In fact, it is your best answer to the question – how to spend less time in shower.

The Navy Shower is the most efficient and an ultimate minimum shower routine that will have you hopping in and out of your shower in record time like a pro!

First, you turn on the shower, say for 30 seconds, allowing you to get completely wet.

Navy Shower

After which, turn it off and lather up the soap, scrubbing it around your body. Lastly, turn on the water again, rinsing away the soap in a minute or so and voila, you are done.

Once you incorporate such a routine, there is a high chance that you'll end up understanding the appeal of shorter showers.

6. Manage Hair and Skin Care Routine Effectively

Woman washing hair in shower

When shampooing, take a dollop from the bottle, mixing it with water and then applying onto your hair. Lather it up and let it sit for about a minute or so. In the meantime, you can do other tasks such as washing your body or exfoliating. After which, rinse the shampoo off and apply hair conditioner or other hair care routine that you follow.

While letting it sit, you can then shave or do another shower task. This idea of multitasking and systemic showering can help you save a lot of time while also allowing you to not forget any task in hand.

7. 2-in-1 Product for the Win

For interesting ways of dealing with how to take a quick shower, let’s educate you about a method which involves the use of double duty products. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

You can employ a 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner which can come exceptionally handy when in a hurry. By using a combination of shampoo and conditioner (generally you get in a 1:3 ratio), you can eliminate several steps of having to rinse off shampoo and applying hair conditioner, thereby turning it into one single step of the hair-care routine. In this manner, you can simultaneously clean and condition your hair. Similarly, you can also look for other all-in-one products as they save both time and space in your bathroom.

8. High-pressure Water Stream for Quick Washing


For women with long and thick hair, showering and washing your hair maybe an extravagant process that requires a lot of water, time, and hair products.         

From wetting your hair to working on the tangles, shampooing your scalp, and lathering the root ends, the process can be pretty time-consuming. But one thing that can help is using a high-pressure jet stream to wet your hair quickly.

High-pressure Water in shower

While some showers have little pressure and offer a soft drizzle, others can be equipped with a nozzle to adjust the pressure which can provide a potent spray, easily wetting and washing your hair.

9. Lathering Efficiently

While washing your body, take a blob of body wash or your bar soap and create sufficient lather. With that done, spread your fingers in an outstretched manner to cover a large area of your body both effectively and efficiently. Nicely spread the lather such that you cover every region and you would be surprised at how quickly and neatly you get the job done. Additionally, a loofah or a scrubber can also work great in covering large areas in a short span of time while providing a decent wash.

10. Shave Gently using Appropriate Products

Shaving in the shower provides a lot of advantages with your skin being extra receptive and pores opening up. In case of shaving legs, arms or other areas, lather it up with shaving gel or any other suitable product and start shaving gently and systematically, allowing the water stream to wash away the foam remnants.

In learning how to take a fast shower, it’s important to know that shaving your facial hair at night can cut your shower time in large proportions. However, not everyone is comfortable; and sometimes, a morning shave becomes a necessity. In that case, men can use oil-based gel products instead of traditional ones, as not only do they provide an easy shave but also moisturize your skin preventing dryness and patchy skin. You can also skip on lotions in the aftermath.

11. Use In-Shower Body lotions and Moisturizers

In-shower body lotion

While most of the tips and hacks deal with how to take a quick shower, it is equally essential to consider what to do after the shower. Moisturizing after a shower is a common norm to prevent dry and itchy skin. But did you know that there are certain in-shower lotion products that negate the need for moisturizing aftermath?!? Without having to spend additional time drying your skin and lathering lotion after a shower, you can now apply in-shower body lotion that satisfies your skincare needs.