How to Organize Your Bathroom Without The Stress


A clean and organized bathroom helps to remove stress.

Ann Ludden
Organization Queen with a flair for the simplistic and unique.

Clutter has several ways of creeping into every aspect of one’s life, especially in bathrooms which one shares with family members or even when living by themselves. The varied supplies and toiletries always seem to pile up, spilling out to every available space from counters to window sills. So even with the best of furnishings, clutter makes way to a very messy looking bathroom.

As easy as it is for your bathroom to get messy, you can easily clear it by devising storage ideas, that, apart from clearing the clutter, will also make your shower space look more organized. You can consider expensive renovation options like upgrading counters or introducing new cabinets and so on. On the other hand, you can also opt for simple bathroom organizers that not only help to de-clutter but also won’t strain your wallet.

In this article, we will look at different ways to save space and maximize the storage in your bathroom by first looking at some practical top tips followed by taking a sneak peak at some interesting bathroom & shower organizers.

Bathroom that is neat, tidy and organized.
Start with discarding unwanted products

Clearing out unwanted things goes a long way in maintaining a clutter-free and clean bathroom space. The general rule is – If a product hasn't been used in over 7-8 months, it is time to bid goodbye and throw it out. You can also form a habit of routinely checking for empty, almost-empty, and expired products. In this manner, you would not only be clearing out useless products to allow for more space for your bathroom supplies, but also effectively planning for the next shopping trip.

Sink Storage

Spaces below the bathroom sink can serve as an excellent utility space to store cleaning brushes, necessary supplies, rolls of toilet paper, and so on. Invest in simple and inexpensive organizers that can effectively use the space. If possible, one can also fashion out drawers or shelves that are in line with the ambiance of your bathroom.

Similarly, you can also opt for double vanity to make way for a clutter-free zone. Though you may be a bit sceptical considering that it might further cramp the space, one must understand that double the sinks mean double the storage space. This works exceptionally well in cases of a shared bathroom when one can maintain their own personal space and store their toiletries without disturbing the other.



Countertops in many cases stand as a defining element of a bathroom, drawing one's immediate attention as they enter. It can also be an important factor in deciding the overall look of the bathroom, as too much clutter may give your bathroom a messy look. Maintain an orderly fashion by grouping articles that are needed consecutively next to each other, such as a brush and toothpaste to be placed together. And you can always place the supplies in containers, so when cleaning, all you have to do is lift them up instead of individually lifting the articles.  Wicker baskets and trays go a long way in organizing your counter space.

Easy-to-access storage's makes your bathroom easier to navigate.

Bath and Shower Storage

Walking from the tub to a closet to get a hair-care or skincare product can seem to be quite cumbersome, but with shower organizers, you can fashion out storage around the bathtub, above or at the side of it. These easy-to-access storages are extremely convenient and can range from a simple shower caddy to more unconventional ones. 

You can use a wired overhead storage, or simple trays projecting from the wall behind, or at the side to store soaps, shampoos, magazines, toys, and other bath items. The golden rule to remember when it comes to storages near the shower area is that they are prone to get wet, so choose accordingly. Avoid metal if at all possible as otherwise your clutter will be replaced by rust, and we mean lots of it.

Bathroom that is neat, tidy and organized.
Storage Above Toilet

A shower shelf above the toilet comes in handy to store bathroom necessities, from an extra set of towels to self-care products, toothbrushes, shampoos, and so much more.

Now that we have a good idea of organizing the available storage spaces, we can now discuss some basic bathroom organizers that can be installed in any part of the bathroom allowing for a cleaner space.



6 Effective Bathroom Organizers You Need to Try Out

1) The ShowerGem Shower Caddy – A No-frills & Efficient Bathroom Organizer

The ShowerGem Shower Caddy allows you to de-clutter your shower without taking up much space. The Award-winning shower organizer can be installed effortlessly without the hassle of suction cups or drilling and can easily store ALL your shower essentials like shampoos, exfoliators, and more.

The simple, easy-to-fit shower organizer can be installed without the need of any additional tools or equipment. This means no drilling, screws, or any ill-fitting suction cups that threaten to come off at any moment. The shower caddy is fastened using specially engineered glue that is supplied along with it.

A 100% rust proof shower caddy.

Over time, many conventional shower caddy solutions develop mould and rust owing to the constant exposure to moisture and the nature of the material. This is where the ShowerGem Shower Caddy comes out on top. Being made from specialized and finely engineered plastic which is sturdy, durable, and 100% rust-proof, renders the shower caddy usable for a long period of time and can save you lot of money in the long run.

Its patented, perfect-fit shower shelf design can easily store several bottles of varied shapes and sizes securely, with even bottles of up to 1 litre. From shampoos to loofahs, razors to soaps, and skin care products, you can now have clutter-free shower space coupled with organized & handy-to-reach essentials. The ShowerGem, with its transparent colour tone, can be a great addition to any themed bathroom that will always complement the existing design and tone.

It is not just the usefulness of the ShowerGem Shower Caddy that makes it a truly pioneering product, but also the ease with which it can be installed readily by anybody. Since the caddy is supplied with a special tube of easy-use adhesive that is required to bond the wall bracket to your tiles, it requires no greater experience than sticking coloured paper on cardboard!

There’s a lot more to the ShowerGem than any other shower organizer currently on the market. To find out more, and make your first purchase, simply head on over to

Wicker baskets used to allow more counter space.
2) Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets can be simple additions to your bathroom that can do a great deal when tidying up your counter space. 

Too many things on the counter like sanitizers, shaving liquids, cologne, hairsprays, and combs among others give out a messy look; but instead placing them in baskets can be a great way to not just provide easy access but also render a clean look to your counter space. While shopping, do keep in mind to buy baskets that complement the colour tone of your bathroom and be fully integrated into your space.


3) Towel Racks

Towel bars are an indispensable part of our bathroom used for drying of wet and used towels. But instead of a single bar, which allows for only a single towel, opt for towel racks that have multiple bars. Not only does it allow you to dry used towels, but you can also store fresh clean towels instead of rushing to the vanity. It serves the purpose for both emergency and guest use while being an interesting display icon. 

4) Magazine Racks

Reading books or magazines while relaxing in the tub or on the toilet has become quite a common habit that many houses have several of them lying around the bathroom. You can install a book or magazine rack to organize them properly. They are often sleek and do not take up much space, allowing them to be easily fastened to the wall or the door. 

Magazine rack.

Mesh bags can help organize your bathroom.
5) Mesh Bags

Your whole range of shower supplies will not fit into the usual soap dish given near bathtubs. Instead, opt for mesh bags that come in handy for storing lotions, hair-gel, small napkins, etc. Even if it gets wet, the mesh allows for easy drying. These mesh bags can be hung easily from the wall and, with a little splash of creatively, could serve as interesting decor items.

6) Shelves

A shower shelf is one of the most common and efficient storage containers that not only keeps things secure and dry but also increases the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. They can be both open and closed shelves with closed ones having the additional benefit of concealing any clutter within. From hair dryers and curling iron to hair products, brushes, and combs, shelves work great and can be customized to ones need. Corner shower shelf aids in saving a lot of room which can be both fastened to the wall or can be free standing. The only care you need to take is to install shelves made from materials that can resist water. 

 A Simple Rule


Shower organizers come in handy a lot when organizing your bathroom space; however, maintaining that space is a task that needs to be gradually learned. Putting things back into their designated spaces and not just any available space nearby is an important habit one needs to develop. And once done, you need not spend any extra time to reorganize your bathroom space or fret about the clutter.