How to Install The ShowerGem: No Screws, No Drill, No Suction Cups


Shower Gem Shower Caddy uses glue to stick to your bathroom wall tiles.


'How to Install' Video:

There are not many things in life that I find as frustrating as shower caddies that use suction cups, or as I prefer to call them 'no-suction cups', to stick to your wall.

You all how know how it goes: you clean your wall, follow the instructions word by word and yet for some unknown reason the suction cups always decide to fall. As if falling alone wasn't bad enough, they always decide to stop working during the middle of the night leading to a loud crash & bang which is quickly followed by the howls of a spooked dog.

Unfortunately, if you are not a fan of suction cups then you are not left with too many choices of shower organizer. Realistically, you are left with only two substandard options:

1) Drilling your brand new, natural stone tiles which you are scared of cracking.

2) Hanging your shower caddy over your shower wall which means that it will swing side-to-side or else make a loud clanging noise everytime you hit your shower door of it.

When The ShowerGem was created, we were determined to create a beautiful, functional, modern shower caddy that used no suction cups and that did not demand you to drill your tiles. We wanted our customers to be able to take The ShowerGem organiser out of the box, follow 5 simple instructions and then bask in the safety of knowing that The ShowerGem shower caddy was never going to fall of their bathroom wall.

It is with great pleasure, that after 4 years of R&D, I can finally say that we have achieved this. How? By supplying all of our customers with a specially engineered, marine grade glue which is made specifically for wet environments such as the shower & bathrooms. You can watch our 60 second 'How to Install' here to see for yourself just how easy it is to install the ShowerGem shower caddy: In essence it only takes 5 simple steps to install Your ShowerGem:


  1. Decide where to locate your ShowerGem shower caddy
  2. Clean this location using the alcohol wipe provided
  3. Apply half of the tube of glue to the wall bracket
  4. Press the bracket firmly against your bathroom tiles and leave to set for 24 hours
  5. After 24 hours, clip The ShowerGem on to your wall bracket


If like me, you hate suckers, suction cups, drilling your tiles or hanging metal shower caddies, then I strongly recommend that you checkout our website so you too can see for yourself exactly why customers love The ShowerGem shower caddy.