Checklist for Buying The Perfect Shower Caddy


Clutter-free sink.

Shampoo bottles, soap bars and other essentials splayed across the bathroom floor or messy countertops can be a cause for concern to many households. Can you imagine how frustrating that state of disorder in bathrooms can be in times of haste? Not to forget, they can be quite embarrassing when guests visit us.

So how does one organize the bathroom without cramping the space? The answer is a Shower Caddy!

Shower organizers or shower caddies work well in organizing your bathroom keeping it both clean and clutter-free. By using a shower storage, you can neatly stock up all your bathroom supplies to be easily within your reach and use.

A ShowerGem rust proof shower caddy,

With a dedicated space to your supplies, a bath caddy is pretty handy, especially when you are in a hurry. One doesn’t have to fret about getting supplies every time they head to the restroom or leave them lying on the floor.

There is no doubt that when many family members use a single bathroom space, it is bound to become messy with a horde of bathroom supplies that slowly spill over to counter spaces, window sills and on the floor.

This is where a shower organizer can be extremely convenient allowing you to keep every personal item separate and equally accessible. With these caddies, you can also teach your kids the essentials of organizing things better, even in the bathroom.

Handy Checklist to get the Perfect Shower Caddy

Now that you get a fair understanding of the benefits of shower caddies, we will now look into factors that need to be considered in choosing the right kind of caddy that fits perfectly in your bathroom. From the type of the caddy to the size, storage space, durability, and the type of fastening, there are a lot of additional things you should know about before purchasing a caddy.  

  1. Choose the Type of Shower Caddy based on where its fixed and your bathroom space

You must first decide on where you plan to setup the shower organizer that best complements your bath space. Shower caddies come in mainly four varieties - Over-the-showerhead, Corner caddy, Over-the-door caddy, and Shower Totes.

Over-the-Showerhead shower caddy.

  • The Over-the-showerhead shower caddies are one of the most common types of shower organizers that one could find easily in the market. Importantly, it is exceptionally easy to install – all you need is a showerhead to hang the caddy from. But do take note to see if the showerhead and its stem is strong enough to support the caddy, as you don’t want the caddy to slip away and fall.


  • The Corner shower caddy is a very convenient type of caddy that is fixed to the corners of the shower or bath area. Not only do they tap on the potential of unused corners of your bathroom but also tend to look great with the overall aesthetics of the space they occupy.


3 Tier freestanding corner shower caddy equipped with rubber gripped feet.

Freestanding Corner shower caddies are affordable bath storages that could readily be placed at any corner. They are normally equipped with rubber gripped feet and adjustable height to prevent sliding or falling of the caddy. However, this type of caddy requires sufficient space in the shower area as they tend to take up ample floor space.

Tension corner shower caddy.

Fastened to corners, there is another type of caddy called Tension corner shower caddies which employ a mechanism called tension bar that supports a number of shelves that can be adjusted to different heights. The number of shelves depends on the length and strength of the tension bar. These work for a large bathroom with a good floor-to-ceiling height. 

Over-the-door shower caddy.

  • The Over-the-door shower caddies, as the name suggests, are caddies that are mounted over the door. They have a long hook that could be fastened to any horizontal surface, be it the towel bar, curtain rod, the door, or sides of the shower enclosure. Suspended from the hook, the caddy has ample shelves which can accommodate your bathroom essentials.

Shower Tote a movable type of shower organizer

  • Last but not least, a Shower Tote or a Bath Tote is a movable type of shower organizer that especially comes in handy during vacations or travel. This portable shower caddy is mainly used for bath storage when you don’t have access to a personal bathroom, like in dormitories. Mostly made out of nylon mesh or plastic, the totes can sometimes be fastened to wall hooks for use temporarily. Some of them even have drains to let the water out.



  1. What kind of storage space do you get with the Shower Caddy

A single ShowerGem shower caddy.

Each single piece of the ShowerGem shower caddy can easily accommodate 3 Bottles, 1 Razor, 1 Soap and a Loofah

Next, you need to look at the type of the storage space you require in the caddy. Bathroom essentials range from tubes to a countless number of bottles of different sizes, trays and other miscellaneous items, that all require dedicated spaces to store. The bath caddy you intend to buy needs enough space for stowing such items to prevent frequently walking back and forth to your closet every time you take a shower. See to it that your daily supplies fit well in your caddy.

  1. Check out the fixture required for the caddy

If you have a prominent showerhead but no dedicated shower area, opt for the over-the-head shower caddy. But if you have empty corners and a large bathroom, opt for corner shower caddies. Likewise, if you find a number of horizontal surfaces where hooks can be fastened, you can go for the over-the-door shower organizer. Knowing which caddy will work better for your bath area goes a long way in keeping the area clutter-free. 

Suction cup shower caddy

The main issue with such suction cup Shower Caddies is that they always tend to slip and loosen over time in the presence of moisture

Secondly, you would want to look at the fixture or the attachment type for the different caddies. Some attach to the wall through efficient suction cups, or some may require hooks to be fastened to hang the caddy, while others may easily be installed by hanging over a towel rod or stem of the showerhead. The ShowerGem shower caddy doesn’t require any suction cups or screws to be installed. You can make use of the special transparent adhesive to set up the caddy in under 60 seconds!

  1. Check the Make and Strength of the caddy

The ShowerGem rust proof shower caddy

The ShowerGem shower caddy doesn't rust like other metallic caddies


A significant factor to consider when purchasing a bath caddy is to identify the make of the caddy, as they come in different sorts and materials. Shower caddies can be made of aluminium, stainless steel, wood or engineered plastic. With every material having its fair share of benefits and disadvantages, you can find out which suits best to both your budget and the feel of your space.

For example, a bathroom with high-end utility in an apartment space can benefit from stainless steel or aluminium caddy as they are in-line with the theme and use of it. On the other end, a wooden caddy or engineered plastic caddy can suit a contemporary bathroom space.

Similarly, it is also significant to see whether the placement of caddy will always be subjected to moisture, damp or other dust build-ups. A wooden caddy or steel caddy may develop rust over time or break down. Invest in a caddy that is sturdy and durable to withstand these attacks of corrosion and rust. The ShowerGem shower caddy is made of Engineering Grade Rust-Proof plastic that makes it tough as well as durable to be used in the long run.

  1. Dimensions and Colour of the caddy

A ShowerGem takes up little space in the shower as it's glued to the wall.

The translucent ShowerGem caddy complements the texture of your bathroom wall by blending in

Even though caddies can be of the same type or make, there can be subtle differences in the sizes of caddies that you buy from the market. Some may be sleek and long while others may be too thick and short. For instance, buying a ‘too big’ of a shower organizer may appear to cramp your space while a very small one can affect its efficiency as shower storage and may not sit well with the aesthetics of your bathroom. This is why it is important to consider how big of a caddy you require before purchasing it. 

In addition to size, the colour of the caddy should also be taken note of. While some caddies come with different colour options like silver, bronze etc., there are caddies that are translucent in nature just like the ShowerGem caddy. They are quite the rage by seamlessly blending with the wall and décor of the shower area.

Also, since the ShowerGem comes in single packs, you can always pair them to be side-by-side to have more space to store or have them installed individually in separate places as you prefer.

  1. Maintenance of the caddy

Caddies from different materials and types tend to have different cleaning and maintenance routine. Freestanding caddies that sit on the floor need to be drained off every now and then to remove water from the bottom, while over-the-showerhead caddies may be continuously exposed to moisture and require to be wiped clean.

To sum up, an easy-to-maintain and rust-free caddy can go a long way in keeping your bathroom well organized and clean. You can have the ShowerGem cleaned in a couple of minutes with just warm water and a soft cloth. Honestly, it doesn’t get easier than that!

To Sum it Up

Bathrooms have become an essential place for relaxation and privacy; one simply can’t deny a hot shower after a day of tiring work. But not all households have spacious bathrooms leading to a lot of clutter around making for a very messy look. However, with shower caddies, one can maximize the space available inside the restroom no matter the size while also keeping it well-organized.

With a plethora of shower caddies readily available in depots that can accentuate your bathroom interior, we’re sure you’ll have a fun time in picking a caddy that suits your bathroom as well as your pocket.

The ShowerGem shower caddy is the perfect combination of thoughtful design and feature-rich attributes that not only lasts long, but also costs less than its aluminium or stainless-steel counterparts; not to mention its quite easy to install and demands low maintenance.

Now go ahead and redecorate your bathroom space with the best shower caddy for your bath space. Happy shopping!!