20 Smart Bathroom Organization Ideas


Bathrooms are an important part of our households, which apart from their obvious utility, are also ones that create quite an impression on people who visit our homes. No matter how clean you keep your bathroom, the lack of proper storage and unkempt ways can lead to quite a mess and bring down the overall look of your bathroom. This is why you should bother practicing these amazing bathroom organization ideas we have compiled for you.

From messy counters to finding bottles and tubes everywhere, your bathroom can quickly become a labyrinth not easy to navigate. However, it’s just as easy to unclutter the mess by employing as many of these small bathroom storage ideas as your bath space allows.

20 Clever Bathroom Organization Ideas Ireland You Can Start From Today

ShowerGem shower caddy

1. Caddies Near the Shower

While a lot of bathroom storage options work in dry areas, certain caddies can function well within the shower saving you a trip to the bathroom cabinets to fetch your shower essentials.

The ShowerGem is a transparent and durable caddy that is fitting to store your tubes and shampoos. It has a place to accommodate all your essentials and is easy to fasten on the wall without the need for suction cups or drills.

An added benefit is its transparent nature which makes it inconspicuous and great for the décor of your shower area.

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ShowerGem shower caddy.

2. Stick Magnet Organizers

Magnetic Organizers are one of the common bathroom organizers found in the market which can serve fittingly well for keeping your bathroom neat and tidy. Fashion them on any wall surface or the insides of bathroom cabinet doors to hang brushes, bags, and loofahs, etc.

Stick Magnet Organizer in Bathroom

Hanger for spray bottles

3. A Hanger for your Sprays


Sprays may come in different bottle sizes and shapes that don’t always fit in compact caddies and shelves. Adhesive hangers or any clip-ons, which have a provision for hanging bottles is one of the brilliant bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms, as they can keep your bathroom tidy, clutter-free and also prevent any accidental spillage.

small basket on bathroom counter

4.       Baskets for the Win!

Leaving bottles and tubes on the counter make for a muddled look affecting the aesthetics of your entire bathroom. Instead, you can use baskets which are easily available and cheap to be placed on the counter to hold all your amenities.

5. Movable Drawers under the Bathroom Vanity

Instead of fixing medicine cabinets and bathroom counters which may be an expensive task, you can easily buy movable drawer racks that can be shuffled below the sink and counter.


Available in interesting colours and designs, these can be pretty good bathroom storage ideas under sink, that are convenient and flexible.

drawers under bath vanity
Bar cart in bathroom

6. Storage on Wheels

Bar carts aren’t just handy in bars and wine rooms. With a little flair and brilliance, they can become interesting bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms. From storing paper towels and toilet paper to wash towels, they can work as great storage of linen. Be it trays or baskets, anything can be placed right on the cart without any hindrance. They also tend to look very chic in your bathroom space.

7. Ladders for Storage

Storage ladders may sound a tad too fancy, but you can even use simple ladders to be placed across your walls. It provides a great spot to hang your towels, caddies, and baskets.


A wooden make can give it a rustic look; but take care to not hang it in areas prone to get wet. A Storage ladder can have shelves which can accommodate your essentials both efficiently and aesthetically.

storage ladder bathroom
Storage tray on bathroom counter

8. Trays on your Counter Space 


While we may have bathroom cabinets and drawers to store our favourite items, we are all guilty of leaving our perfumes and creams lying on the counter.

In some cases, it even becomes comfortable to access lest leaving us reaching for the cabinet every time. Trays are an easy way to keep them neat, preventing any spillage on the counter.

Spinning tray on bathroom counter

9. Spinning Trays for Your Favourite Perfumes and Bottles 

While simple trays are commonly perched upon counters, a Spinning Tray may be an interesting addition. You can easily reach every bottle and not have to worry about toppling or displacing other bottles in the way. And even wiping gets easier with a turntable. Though a bit unconventional, a spinning tray is definitely a brilliant idea for bathroom organization for small spaces.

Storage space behind cabinet door

10. Exploit the Back of Your Cabinet Doors

Most of us ignore the back of our cabinet doors; but did you know that you can actually stash quite the storage behind the doors. Fasten shower gem caddies and magnetic hooks on the back to hang your blow dryers, brushers and flat irons. Since it’s away from sight, it won’t hurt your bathroom’s aesthetics!

toilet roll in basket

11. Leave no Space Wasted

Are you running tight on spaces and have no proper place for your toilet paper rolls? Though a tissue holder is a common way to go, they take up quite the space. Instead, simply fashion a tray or a basket on top of your toilet and place a few rolls. It is easy to use and looks neat too!!

12. Over-the –toilet storage

You can take it a step further and fashion out shelves or a modern ladder above your toilet space to support a few trays and baskets.

The shelves, against the smooth porcelain finish of your toilet, sure makes for a design statement while being one of the best bathroom storage ideas above toilet.

Over the toilet ladder storage

13. Go Vertical

If you have good wall space but don’t have any fixed cabinets, you can simply attach stacked storage using L-brackets and horizontal planks. You can get additional storage for a good stretch by exploring options on the vertical end. These affordable and simple shelves also tend to go well with the décor of your bathroom.

shower rod for bathroom storage

14. More Rods, More Storage!!

While a shower rod can work great for hanging bath and wash towels, you can fix another rod to hang your other bathroom accessories such as loofahs and bags. S-hooks can easily be suspended from the second rod where you can hang brushes, caddies, and baskets.

Mason jar in bathroom

15. Bag it in a Jar

There are always small miscellaneous items like pins and cotton balls which can be quite a task to organize. Mason jars and Apothecary bottles can make these items display-worthy with their elegant look. Also, its wide mouth makes it easy to reach the bottom. You can also suspend them from walls to store brushes, combs, etc.

16. Go for Corner Shelves

Corner shelves are another efficient way of taking advantage of unused spaces. Corner shelves make the most of the space available without affecting your interior.

Also since they are restrained to corners, there isn’t the case of brushing against it while moving, thus being one of the amazing bathroom organization ideas to implement.

Corner shelf in bathroom
Baskets under bathroom vanity

17. Baskets always come handy

A linen closet where you stash your fresh towels is a definite must in most bathrooms.

However, in case you don’t have one, you can simply store your fresh and newly rolled bath towels in beautiful hand-woven baskets below your counter and sinks. Additionally, their rustic nature makes them a pleasing sight to look at.


You can also suspend them from walls with a uniform distance to create a special design element. This method also saves precious floor space while making it easy to clean too; not to mention it’s also one of those delightfully good bathroom storage ideas under sink.

18. Attach your pins to Magnet Strips

It is hard to find tiny clips, nail cutters or bobby pins amidst a messy pile. Though mason jars are great to store, they may take some time sorting. Work this to your benefit by fastening magnetic strip across your wall to attach all your pins and tweezers, which is both easy to sort and store.

Bathroom electronic toothbrush

19. Store Electronics Close to the Socket

While we do use a lot of electronics inside the bathroom, be it electric razors, toothbrushes or hairdryers, they are often left unkempt with wires tangled everywhere.

Instead, one of the small bathroom storage ideas is that you can attach shelves that are customized above the socket itself.

20. Extra Caddies

Pick up extra caddies and fasten them all around; one near your bath area, one under the vanity and another near the sink. One cannot go wrong with additional caddies and baskets. You can check out our handy guide to picking the best shower caddies suited to your bathroom.

More caddies for bath storage

With these easy and savvy bathroom storage ideas, we are sure you’ll have no problems sorting out your bath space. No matter your bathroom size, be it big or small, these simple tricks can help keep your bathroom tidy and organized.

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