• Rusty Shower Caddies are about to become Extinct!

    Tired of Messy showers like the above? Then your bathroom needs The ShowerGem shower organizer.   It holds bottles, soaps, razors and much more. Installed using a marine-grade glue means...
  • How to Install The ShowerGem: No Screws, No Drill, No Suction Cups

      'How to Install' Video: https://showergem.com/pages/how-to-install There are not many things in life that I find as frustrating as shower caddies that use suction cups, or as I prefer ...
  • WE SOLD OUT! Ideal Home Show Success

     'Oh my god, the glue is genius. Suction cups never work and I don't want to drill my tiles'

    This was the usual consensus among our prospective buyers once they learnt that to install The ShowerGem all they had to do was clean, stick, press & clip... Simple!

    The team here at ShowerGem were absolutely blown away by the response and words of encouragement from all of our customers and we already cannot wait to exhibit at the RDS Ideal Home Show 2019. Thanks so much everyone for making it an experience to remember :)